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In PEFANIS A.E. we remain faithful to the company philosophy and we guarantee the best products at the best prices.

PEFANIS A.E. continues the business which was established by the PEFANIS General Partnership more than 50 years ago and has secured an important position in the fresh fruit and vegetables sector. We distribute a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables with absolute consistency and we take our professionalism extremely seriously.

At PEFANIS A.E. we use our tools, our excellent logistical infrastructure and our knowledge of the business environment to keep evolving in line with market requirements. Our goal is not only to remain one of the sector leaders in marketing and distributing fruit and vegetables, but also to develop production units for various products in the near future.

The security, continuity and stability of our quality and commercial specifications are the main axis in the PEFANIS A.E. philosophy.

As we move forward and always ensure we remain competitive, the company chooses to enter exclusive partnerships with production units, providing them with support, guidance, know-how and development planning


Company established

Standing alongside our customers, from then to the present day.


Producers throughout Greece

Making sure they deliver the best produce to us.



Delivery to supermarkets throughout Greece, to wholesalers, to street markets, restaurants and HORECA.


Different products

Choose from a huge selection, easily, quickly and affordably.


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