Fresh and healthy, every time!

PEFANIS A.E. distribute the perfect variety of products every day so that we can supply whatever our customers are looking for. From the average consumer who is looking for healthy, tasty options to put on the table every day to the most specialised chef and the most demanding gourmet.

We supply fruit and vegetables from Greece and around the world, conventional, exotic and delicatessen. In PEFANIS A.E., you will find bananas, apples, mushrooms, all Greek seasonal products (cherries, peaches, nectarines, etc.), and even edible flowers. These products arrive at our facilities from our producer partners every day thanks to our integrated management system, and are delivered to you with a guarantee of quality.

The principles of our philosophy are put into practice by fundamental processes such as strict quality control performed by specialised PEFANIS A.E. employees and ongoing analyses by certified microbiological laboratories. Over all these years, we have built up this relationship of trust with our customers round this essential core of our business. Thanks to this, our customers have honoured us, and continue to honour us, by making PEFANIS S.A. their first choice.

  • Over time PEFANIS A.E. has managed to create strong partnerships with Greek companies, cooperatives and producers.
  • PEFANIS A.E. cooperates with the largest companies in the world, importing and distributing a wide range of products from the best know production sites around the world.